The Nonprofit Exchange works to ensure that small to medium nonprofits, their staff and lay leaders have the tools, funds, and talent to achieve their missions, succeed, and become change makers.

The Nonprofit Exchange will create a collaborative fundraising environment so that small to medium nonprofits are able to achieve their missions.

Many small nonprofits are overwhelmed with inefficiencies. They are constantly balancing programming and development resources and often have an overworked workforce, who is not sufficiently trained to do these tasks. Additionally, many small nonprofits lack sufficient time and resources to build a sustainable infrastructure for growth. At this time there is no other venture that is purely focused on bringing and implementing innovative collaborative fundraising models. Our initial forces will target small nonprofits that raise under 1 million dollars annually. As we build we will explore expanding to the larger nonprofit community.

Business Model

The Nonprofit Exchange will help small nonprofits maximize their impact and broaden their reach. Our core value is helping nonprofits join together to create economies of scale and lower the amount of time small nonprofits spend on fundraising so they can focus on their mission.

Our initial launch will build out in three areas. We will pilot, test and facilitate collaborative fundraising events to identify its pain points, create a success matrix, and incorporate key tools such as online crowd funding, peer to peer solicitation, and event-style fundraising. We will also launch monthly professional development and networking meet-ups to build our networks of nonprofits and nonprofit professionals. We will create a directory of experts and consultants that service the nonprofit sector.

Our long term goal is to explore additional initiatives including a large scale event with multiple organizations, a membership structure for participating nonprofits and professionals, and an impact investment fund that will help small nonprofits create business models that will fund the social good they do in the community.